#232 "100 Questions for People Living in the United States" 2020

Hiii:):) I have just finished writing the article about "100 Questions for People Living in the United States" in Japanese. But the thing is if the article is in Japanese, Bill and Esther can not read this. So I decided to translate it into English. However, I am too lazy to do it all by myself so I just copy and paste to Google translate! thanks to technology! Anyway, even there are some grammatical errors or mistakes in it, please not be sensitive about them because I am doing this just for fun, not for my academic paper or something lol  

Lastly, stay safe and lots of love for everyone who reads this:)



It's Koi Haru








I lived in the United States until the end of March

"100 Questions for People Living in the United States"

I tried to answer




After time

The answer will definitely change

The answer at this time right now is

What will happen?

I'm worried about myself

Let's do it right away!






100 Questions for People Living in the United States
1. How old are you?


2. What is your gender?


3. How many years have you lived?

7 months

4. When did you come to Japan?

I came back to Japan last March

5. Where in the United States were you?

Wisconsin! It's Midwest America

6. What are you proud of?

Nature is rich and water is clean. Prices and land are cheap.

7. How do you compare to living now?

I think both are good. And I think Tokyo is a big city in the world.

8. You're free in the United States, right?

Freedom comes with responsibility

9. Any culture shock?

I wonder if there is, I'm ready for my heart,

I was not shocked so much. So,


10. Cultural differences are great ...

But the people who live were the same people

11. Speak fluent English ??

Because it feels weak like a paper like a paper

It is still impressive that the Dean said at the entrance ceremony of the university that I was aiming for a crisp rather than a flapping level.

I did not answer the question, I can not tell unconditionally because it depends on whom to compare!

12. Did you have many Japanese around you?

Few! 4 people at the same university

13. Are the surrounding Japanese fluent in English?

do not know!


I was doing my best

I was not interested

14. What is good about America?

it is Miscellaneous

15. On the contrary, bad!

It is Miscellaneous

16. What food do you recommend in the United States?

🧀 cheese

17. Is McDonald's popular?

It's normal!

18. Can I have a cheeseburger in the morning?

Can go at all

19. I'm going to be American ...

There are many people even if you say American, yeah

20. Is American eating great?

By human

21. Let's ask about the popularity in the United States!

okkkkkk (according to Koiharu's dogma and prejudice)


It ’s not my favorite thing

What was popular when I was in the United States

My image of America

22. Actress

Kim Kardashian

23. Actor

Josef Gordon Levitt

24. Upset Celebrity

Justin Bieber

25. Singer

Doja Cat

26. Location

Madison (played around)

27. Character

The Simpsons

28. Name

I often ordered at restaurants like Spring

29. Food


30. TV


31. Brand


32. There are Japanese restaurants in the United States, right?

There is!

33. Have you been there?

is there

34. Did it taste good?

Lose to home

35. Is White Rice Eating in Japan Delicious?

I feel delicious. Is the water different? I don't know

36. Which English do you use most often?

I take it as a compliment

37. Is there a Yankee in the United States?

Party people


38. Then what about a gal?

Gal or party people

39. All Americans are cool ♪

So if you're Japanese you're all samurai!

40. And it's cute (^ O ^)

Well it depends on the person

41. Many questions ○○ among Americans!

There are whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asia even though they are American

42. Name <Male>

Jason (living on the same floor in the same dormitory

43. Name <Women>

Emily (Child sent by car in Hispanic

(I was excited about the story of Bachelor

44. Hobbies

What are American hobbies? Netflix and chilling

45. Wrong image of Japan

The image that manga and animation are too famous and all Japanese are familiar with animation and manga

I say many times but to people! It depends!

46. ​​What disappointed the Americans?

If you think American people are cheerful and friendly

I realized that it depends on people

47. On the contrary, what did you find amazing?

I'm giving away something for free

Attitude to spare money for everyone to enjoy

48. Can you make American friends?

Mochi low off course

49. What kind of friends did you have?

The friends who are good and talks and is fun!

I'm a Japanese person, so there were many friends who were interested

After all, it is fun and kind friends to talk


50. Did you get along?


51. Are you still in touch?


52. Have you got an American lover?

I can't do it. Get acquainted in 30 minutes

Perhaps the values ​​for romantic feelings are different from Japanese

53. Are Americans romantic?

Well it depends on the person

54. Even small children are bruised? (Laughs)

It might be like a child role appearing in a TV drama or something

Well ... to people! I know!

55. What did you think of American?

Suddenly American friends gather 5 or 6 acquaintances in the dormitory and play a hostage game using a car! When I really started to say.

(The story of an article about trying crazy American game. Look for it.)

56. There are many typhoons in America, right?

Typhoon or Hurricane

57. Katrina!

Hurricane name. I didn't hit the hurricane while saying

How to become a fire alarm during a job-hunting web interview! There was something

(Please look for it because I think there is an article)


58. America is a religion!

Is that so? Have you started?

59. All Christians?

Well it was a lot

60. Is that so?

That's right

61. Speaking of America?

Donald Trump

62. Did you change your image before and after you went to the United States?

It may not have changed that way.

63. Before going?

Unknown world.

64. After you go?

I want to go to see my friends!

65. Sure ?!

I mean the image of America

The image of the person I met there might be stronger

66. Did you meet a celebrity?

I only met the principal of the university

67. It's amazing like paparazzi ...

Because Wisconsin is not Beverly Hills

I don't think it's that great

But Chicago still looks like a paparazzi

68. Is there a karaoke in the United States?

There was! About the dormitory, Karaoke night was planned

69. Want to go?

let's go! It's impossible now

70. Is America wide?

Certainly wide. You can't do anything without a car.

71. Was the house-wide?

It wasn't wide because it was a dormitory!

72. Have a party?

I did it! It was fun

73. Americans love partying!

I feel that image is correct

Well it depends on the person

74. What is the decisive difference between Americans and Japanese?

If you feel better, start dancing or not

75. Do Americans say things clearly?

The language of English itself is a clear language


76. Do you feel that Yes and No are clear?


77. It's different from the Japanese ...

I'm pretty clearly saying what I thought even in Japanese

Well it depends on the person

78. Are Japanese brands popular?

Cars were very popular!

Toyota, Honda, and Nissan all knew

79. Toyota?


80. So what about Japanese culture?

Anime and Pokemon were popular and everyone knew

81. Was it anime or popular?


82. Japanese culture is proud of overseas!

To be proud or famous.

83. What was a social phenomenon in the United States at the time?


What else? Personally Bachelor 24

84. What about Americans?

He was the same person as us

85. High tension?

In-person! It depends!

86. Have you seen the Statue of Liberty raw?


I saw the Statue of Liberty sinking in Madison's Lake Mendota

87. Is it popular?

It was very popular. I also took pictures.

88. What did you think of Japanese people?

I thought it was Naruto

89. Are you stupid?

Probably? R and L pronunciation are easy to messing up 

90. What was the worst thing in America?

I just ate salad normally

The tooth stuffing was removed and a hole was opened in the tooth

91. On the contrary, what do you think is the best?

Meeting the best roommates!

92. Want to return to the United States?

I'm going home two months early in Corona

I want to return to America!

93. What is in the United States but not in Japan?

Esther and Bill ridiculing R and L

94. What is in Japan but not in the United States?

A boyfriend who has been waiting for me!

95. What was your most enjoyable memory?

Cold midnight! When I ran with Esther and Bill and returned to the car

96. Did you fail?

PR scored only 60 points

97. A word for people going to the US!

Fight forward because it will be fun!

If you want to balance studying abroad and job hunting

It depends on how serious you can be!

In fact, I could!

Have fun studying abroad in the US!

98. I want to go to America too!

let's go! I want to go to Madison and Chicago

Also, Florida Disney and California Disney are amazing

99. What is the United States in a nutshell?

Playing with Esther, Bill, and Madison!

100. Good work!






After all, if I say America

I have a strong white image

There are actually a lot of races that are not so


The prejudice of the questioner is too strong

I don't know how many times I said it depends on person lol 😂 



100 questions!